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New Safe Stainless Steel Passivate

Spotless™ Citra Pass SS is a passivating organic acid that effectively removes all free iron from the surface and stimulates growth of a passive oxide layer on the surface to protect the substrate from corrosion. Passivation forms an oxide layer on the metal surface to improve and protect the substrate from corrosion preventing bulk degradation. […]

Bulk Blending

Aqua Bond 2015 in Brief Hexavalent Chrome Blending: Aqua Bond is equipped for bulk blending of Chromic Acid, Sodium Dichromate and proprietary formulations based on these products that remain important to the surface finishing industry. The chrome production area is sealed off from the rest of the facility, the air is filtered by a multi-stage scrubber […]

Reagents and Laboratory Chemical Sale

A list of reagents and laboratory chemicals available for sale can be found at These include Laboratory Reagents, Organic and Inorganic Compounds, Electronic Chemicals, Indicators and more Pricing and additional product information available at

Aqua Bond Food Additives

Ascorbic Acid – New 250 g packaging

Ascorbic Acid FCC V / BP2010 / USP32 $7 / 250g bag $14 / 2 x 250g bags + bonus 100g bag CAS: 50-81-7 Synonyms: L-Ascorbic Acid, 1-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C, E300, Cevitamic Acid, Cevitam, L-Lyxoascorbic Acid, 3-Keto-L-gulofuranolactone, 3-Oxo-1-gulofuranolactone, 1-Xyloascorbicacid, 1-3-Ketothreohexyronicacid lactone, 2,3-Dedehydro-L-threo-hexono-1,4-lactone Trade Names: Ascorbo®-120/C, Cap-Shure® Uses: antioxidant, nutrient, dietary supplement, food colour fixer, […]

Reclaimed Wooden Pallets

Aqua Bond is a toll blending company capable of both liquid and powder blending, repackaging and reconstitution of powdered material. We manufacture products for a variety of different marketplaces including bulk intermediate chemicals for the personal care industry, surface finishing, pulp & paper, and the energy sector. Containers of raw materials arrive daily to feed […]

Citric Acid

JUST ARRIVED: 22MT of Citric Acid selling at competitive pricing. For more information please call our office at 416.754.7211 or email

Basic Chromium Sulphate

JUST ARRIVED: A new batch of high grade Basic Chromium Sulphate. 20 MT of both inorganically and organically reduced chemistry. Click here for product information including a certificate of analysis.