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Ready to Pour Concrete!

Last month Aqua Bond signed a contract for new toll blending project: The process engineers have approved the final designs, the concrete is ready to be poured, and new tanks will be here soon. Advertisements

KnowCharge Inc.

KnowCharge Inc. is a paper technology company introducing new innovative electrostatic dissipative (ESD) products to the packaging market. The KnowCharge product line demand is filled by carefully engineered production: A lab scale pilot batch process was developed to full scale manufacturing by co-ordinating the research team with process engineers. Aqua Bond is not your typical […]

Canadian Outsourcing: An Economic, Environmental and Human Solution.

There are myriad of reasons for outsourcing, however the primary purpose is enhancing the bottom line. Outsourcing should be about competitiveness with civility and enforceable rules of engagement for all who partake to be treated fairly with environmental respect and fundamentally sound policies and control of resources for all mankind’s benefit on a world stage. […]

Chemical Blending

Aqua Bond’s flexible manufacturing can perform a wide variety of liquid and powder blends. Our facility is equipped with various capacities of Stainless Steel, PE, and FRP Liquid Mix tanks and Stainless Steel Ribbon Blenders with multiple packaging options. Our stainless steel custom fabricated bagging machine with load cells is capable of different weights for […]