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Bulk Liquid Blending

  Aqua Bond, based in Toronto, Ontario, supply  local, national and U.S. customers with: – Bulk blending of proprietary products – Commodities and Intermediate Products – Reconstitution of Powders – Dilutions and make up of Ready-to-Use solutions – Reactions and Neutralizations – Distribution of controlled products – Distribution Hub for International Customers

Bulk Blending

Aqua Bond 2015 in Brief Hexavalent Chrome Blending: Aqua Bond is equipped for bulk blending of Chromic Acid, Sodium Dichromate and proprietary formulations based on these products that remain important to the surface finishing industry. The chrome production area is sealed off from the rest of the facility, the air is filtered by a multi-stage scrubber […]

Contract Partners

Do you need larger scale manufacturing to lower costs of your product? A toll blender can help! Episode 203 of Small Empires by The Verge tells the story of Two Roads brewing company. A great partnerships is formed between contract craft brewer and sales company looking to manufacture “bigger and cheaper”. I enjoyed this story […]

High Intensity Mixer

This high intensity mixer has 100HP of blending power. Here is a first look at the blender; a write up on it’s blending capabilities is on it’s way.

Intellectual Property

Ineos Group Limited, a global chemical leader, has recently been in the news as it announced to take legal action against Sinopec for misuse of intellectual property relating to the manufacturing of acrylonitrile. According their press release, Ineos controls over 90% of the current world production, and has been licensing Acrylonitrile technology in China for […]

Tabula Rasa

Aqua Bond’s first undertaking was the establishment of our company’s Mission, Vision and Values. This foundation has guided our growth in everything we do including changes in production demand. Within a few years we have become known as specialty toll blender able to output a myriad of different products. During the last year, we have […]

Custom Chemical Processing

Aqua Bond’s new chemical manufacturing system is up and running. The design was scaled up based on reaction characteristics, process flow requirements, and initial pilot testing. A closed loop system was built to ensure chemical integrity, high batch yield, prevention of chemical loss, zero environmental discharge and accurate bulk material transfers. All this within three […]