Kate Kim Appointed Quality Assurance Lead

kate pictureKate (Hyun Sun) Kim has been appointed Quality Assurance Lead by Aqua Bond Inc. as of June 21, 2018. Ms. Kim will be responsible for daily quality assurance of all manufactured products and services from this facility, in compliance with our corporate goals. She will spearhead analytical and technical data, records, documents, and reports of our products and services for our customer base, in compliance with an ISO audited operation. In addition, her job entails support for on-going development of existing and new products. Her position requires the maintenance of chemical reagents and laboratory equipment inventories to provide continual uninterrupted support.

Ms. Kim brings international experience with a summer research position at Lund University in Sweden for the detection of cardiovascular disease cells. Kim’s background includes exposure to a wide range of analytical equipment, procedure development, and experiment management coupled with weekly reports and presentation to a varied audience. Her educational background and experience has honed her oral and written communication skills. She was recently awarded Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto. Her educational background and experience dovetails well with advancing Aqua Bond’s core values and commitment to social, economic, and environmental role.

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