Profit 500: Aqua Bond sees 642% growth from 2010 – 2015

A box of Canadian Business Magazine arrived hot off the press featuring Aqua Bond as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies. We are pleased to share we are ranked No. 117 on the overall Profit 500 list, No. 44 in the GTA, and No. 20 among manufacturing companies.


Ranking Chart:

GTA Chart:

Manufacturing Chart:


  1. Bob Smith · · Reply

    Aqua Bond have been a toll blender, specialty chemical supplier, laboratory service provider, stocking warehouse and friend for many years. I am not at all surprised by this article but so pleased for Aqua Bond and its CEO, Bruce Girard, who has worked tirelessly since I have known him in providing customer service second to none in every respect of the term and for whom nothing is considered too much. The results of all this hard work are being demonstrated through the growth shown in this article. Congratulations, Bruce and your staff. This is only the beginning!

  2. Terrence Copeland · · Reply

    A vision, a plan, and the execution are the methods that Bruce has followed from the beginning with Aquabond. He has clearly succeeded again. Bruce has exhibited the same qualities and discipline at all of his previous engagements with some of the largest players in the speciality chemical area. Most importantly he treats his employees and his customers with above average care and concern and quality service. Congratulations on the article and I am confident that 117th place will be short lived as the Aquabond team strives for single digits!👏

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