New Safe Stainless Steel Passivate


Spotless™ Citra Pass SS is a passivating organic acid that effectively removes all free iron from the surface and stimulates growth of a passive oxide layer on the surface to protect the substrate from corrosion. Passivation forms an oxide layer on the metal surface to improve and protect the substrate from corrosion preventing bulk degradation. Stainless steel alloys have the capability to self-passivate; however, the surface must first be clean of any free iron, sulfides and other foreign matters of contamination. This product is a great environmentally friendly alternative to more toxic mineral acids such as nitric acid. The simple to use, one-component system allows for easy handling and hassle-free water treatment and disposal. The ingredients in Spotless™ Citra Pass SS are all biodegradable and rinse waters can go to drain as long as pH requirements set by regulations are met. Additionally it confirms to ASTM A967 specification.

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