Intellectual Property

Chemical Plant
Ineos Group Limited, a global chemical leader, has recently been in the news as it announced to take legal action against Sinopec for misuse of intellectual property relating to the manufacturing of acrylonitrile. According their press release, Ineos controls over 90% of the current world production, and has been licensing Acrylonitrile technology in China for the last 30 years. Sinopec denies these allegations and in a statement given to Reuters, claims that it has full proprietary intellectual rights. The case has gone to the Beijing High Court and will be arbitrated in Sweden. The outcome will have significant consequences as Ineos reports $2.5 billion USD of acrylonitrile business. This is yet another proceeding generating concerns over misuse of intellectual property and follows last years report by the IP Commission (the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property).

Aqua Bond works with companies to take advantage of Canadian manufacturing as an alternate site for outsourcing. For corporations that have moved to a large centralized manufacturing model we offer access to quick turn around blending capabilities their customers expect. US companies, looking to expand their Canadian presence, take advantage of the exchange rate, lower shipping costs, and the elimination of prolonged border delays. We released an article Canadian Outsourcing: An Economic, Environmental and Human Solution offering an alternate means to reduce your manufacturing costs while remaining within the North American legal framework. A number of outsourcing concerns are addressed including information security. We protect IP on internal servers within a surveillance facility. While we are supporters of innovation and rely on new technologies to increase our production efficiency, it is important to remain cautious with how IP is handled. There is a current fad movement towards cloud systems. This is not the direction we are heading, in fact, our mainframes are never connected to the internet. Furthermore, we use intermediates and coded raw materials to ensure your formulations are protected. Contact us to see how we can help grow your profits while maintaining the safety of your intellectual property.

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