Tabula Rasa

Aqua Bond’s first undertaking was the establishment of our company’s Mission, Vision and Values. This foundation has guided our growth in everything we do including changes in production demand. Within a few years we have become known as specialty toll blender able to output a myriad of different products.

During the last year, we have expanded in several chemical markets including personal care, pulp & paper, energy, and surface finishing. Our facility developed proportionally: larger blending vessels were brought in and bulk material handling processes installed. The facility blending capacity has increased an additional 10 million pounds, while the foundations have withstood we continue to upkeep our quality, environmental and food safety commitments.

Aqua Bond is excited to work with our partners on new 2013 projects. We are pleased to announce we have taken over new warehouse space. This gives us a total of 45,000 square feet of production and warehouse space. The picture above shows the blank slate that our process engineers look forward to exploring. We now have the capacity to add more mezzanines, processing tanks, storage tanks, silos, robotics, ribbon blenders, etc., to output annually 100 million pounds with one shift.

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