Custom Chemical Processing

Aqua Bond’s new chemical manufacturing system is up and running. The design was scaled up based on reaction characteristics, process flow requirements, and initial pilot testing. A closed loop system was built to ensure chemical integrity, high batch yield, prevention of chemical loss, zero environmental discharge and accurate bulk material transfers. All this within three months! It did not happen by chance, instead this project was fueled by a commitment to execution. Looking back our approach can be described by The 4 Disciplines of Execution. 1. A Widely Important Goal or WIG was identified. Clearly measurable targets that would allow the WIG to be achieved were then defined. 2. Lead Measures were used to deliver specific equipment from approved suppliers. 3. A Compelling Scoreboard was created that laid out the time frames for each project stage: Engineering, procurement, supplier coordination, installation and contractor management, and in situ testing. 4. We reflected on the scoreboard to ensure Accountability. Each week high impact commitments had to be met and the results can be seen below.

Closed Loop System

Coreolis Mass Flow Meter

Contact Aqua Bond if you require specialty chemical blending. We are available to explore the compatibility of our current manufacturing equipment and custom processing solutions:
Link to Contact Page

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