Important information for Customers/Suppliers

Aqua Bond’s tagline “Chemistry for Tomorrow” says it all! The purpose of Aqua Bond is
to build a Canadian legacy to accommodate paradigm shifts in a multitude of chemical
markets by “clock building, not time telling”. It is only fitting the true cultural spirit of
Westbrook Technologies Inc. lives on and be a part of Aqua Bond Inc.

Effective October 1st, 2012 all existing responsibilities of Westbrook Technologies Inc,
shall be transferred to Aqua Bond Inc. Aqua Bond will carry on all future activities of
Westbrook Technologies Inc, that remained from the Enthone Inc, acquisition purchase
of 2009. These future activities include; toll blending, laboratory services, warehousing
and logistics, and some distribution for Enthone customer base in Canada.

To the existing Canadian customer base the change will be seamless; same location
and same management team with the exception of a company name change. Aqua
Bond Inc will carry on business as usual at 440 Passmore Ave, Toronto (Scarborough),
Ontario. AquaBond’s telephone number is 416-754-7211 and the fax number is 416-
754-7143 (previously Westbrook fax number). We will maintain the Westbrook
Telephone number 416-754-1100.

To the customer base, all transactions and purchases under Westbrook prior to October
1, 2012 that have been invoiced up to and including September 30th need to be paid to
Westbrook Technologies Inc. Please continue to send cheques to the same address
above. All activities and purchases commencing October 1, 2012 will be invoiced by
Aqua Bond honouring the same trade terms as Westbrook Technologies Inc, which will
be paid to Aqua Bond Inc. Aqua Bond’s business number is 82075 2657 and
GST/HST is 820752657RT0001. Aqua Bond Inc. was incorporated March 19, 2010 and
the corporate number is 002237644.


Bruce Girard
Ken Westbrook

Original Signed Letter – English

Original Signed Letter – French

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